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Tuesday, 28 February 2012



Really hope that everyone is happy & healthy just like mama hakim J terlampau sehat sampai tembun gitu..
As usual for me, Tuesday is a busy day. I don’t really know why but here is always busy Tuesday. Maybe because every Monday my boss will be at site for weekly site meeting so today she/he will definitely giving me double tasks. Sometime its only one thing I should go through but it will take whole day to finish it..mak redo je..
But I am very lucky to have this smile from the most adorable creature in the world J
Hello hello baby, u called? I cant hear a thing..
I have got no service, in the club u see
What did u say? U breaking up on me
Sorry I cannot hear u, I kinda busy.. – Telephone LADY GAGA

See u next time..wassalam.

2 komen:

mrs puex said...

bizinye dieee..

mamavogue said...

alkisah nyer bizi gak hakim tu..
ngan remote tibi lak tuh!

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