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Wednesday, 18 April 2012



While I was packing things in my boss room, I stumbled upon a piece of paper clipped at her tray. Just a small piece of paper but full of meaning on it. So I decided to share with all of you. Happy reading J

The moment you are in Tension
You will lose your Attention
Then you are in total Confusion
And you will feel Irritation
Then you will spoil personal Relation
Ultimately, you won’t get Cooperation
Things will then be full of Complication
Then your blood pressure may raise Caution
And you may have to take Medication

INSTEAD, understand the Situation
And try to think of a Solution
Many problems can be solved by Discussion
This will work better for your Profession
Don’t think it’s my free Suggestion
It’s only for your Prevention
If you understand my Intention
You will never like to be in Tension

Sampai jumpe lg..wassalam.

2 komen:

Rafi Nilhan said...

lirik lagu ke poem nih? hehe

mamavogue said...

terpulang le kepada si pembaca..
nak buat lagu pun bole :)

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